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How Our Agents Changed Business Insurance

Watch this video and learn how you (Yes, YOU) changed Foremost Business Insurance.


Foremost's New Appetite in Less than 3 Minutes!

We recently told you about the new and improved Foremost Business insurance product. It includes a stable market, the exact product Foremost wants to write and access to our knowledgeable underwriting and marketing staffs.

Watch this short video to learn exactly how your agency can benefit from our new appetite focus.


How to Access Loss Run Reports Quickly and Easily!

We're saving you time! Please access loss run reports by following these simple steps:

  1. Log on to
  2. Click Quote/Manage Policies
  3. Click Loss Runs (from the main menu)
  4. Type in the policy number (excluding the policy prefix letters) and click on either View/Print Loss Runs or Download Loss Runs
  5. The loss run report will generate in a PDF format

Foremost Means More.™ More time for your agency.


Remind Your Customers to Use EFT

Spend less time servicing and more time selling by encouraging your customers to sign up for EFT to pay their Foremost bill today!

Remind your customers to visit and log in. They can make a one-time payment and sign up for recurring payments (EFT) — on our secure, online payment site by using Discover, Visa, MasterCard, or through their financial institutions.


Major Changes to Foremost Business Insurance

The Foremost® Business Insurance product is not where we want it to be. Not for us, or for your agency.

We've been working on changes, but determined that the best way to confirm what we needed to do was to ask you. So, that's what we did. Through a combination of focus groups and over 4,000 survey responses you told us very clearly what you wanted; a stable market, the exact products Foremost wants to write, and access to our knowledgeable underwriting and marketing staff. So starting today, that's what we're delivering to you.

To meet that goal, we've divided our business insurance classes into four groups:

Quick Wins and Competitive Pricing

Groups one and two are where we want to write new business.

  • Group One - Comprised of 85 classes of business that will flow right through the system with little or no involvement from an underwriter. We selected these classes because they represent a significant opportunity for agents across the country, and we know we can provide stable and competitive pricing for these risks.
  • Group Two - Includes 96 classes of business. Due to the nature of these exposures, this group will require some attention from an underwriter, but our goal is to get back to you within 24 hours.

Renew or Exit

Groups three and four are classes where we will renew risks or exit the market.

  • Group Three - Because our commitment is to provide a stable market, new business won't be accepted for this group. We will continue to renew existing business, and analyze these classes over time to determine if it makes sense to re-open them for new business.
  • Group Four - We will close for new business and non-renew these classes, which make up slightly more than one half percent of our premium.

This is just the start of the positive changes coming to your agency for the Foremost Business Insurance product. We heard you and we will deliver more stability, more expertise, and more responsiveness. That's how you'll find out that Foremost Means More™.

The list of classes and SIC codes in our new groups can be accessed here.