Owner-Occupied Seasonal Home

Not all companies will accept properties that are rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, but Foremost will.

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We have several options for owner-occupied and Seasonal dwellings – Dwelling Fire One (Named Peril), Dwelling Fire Three (Comprehensive), and two packaged Homeowners policies – Foremost Classic ACV and Foremost Classic CL. Your customers can choose their level of coverage and customize their own policy.

So many Settlement Method Options!


Foremost’s programs cover everything from older or lower-value dwellings to brand new, high-value homes. We’ll also accept unsupported seasonal homes, and dwellings located in higher Public Protection Classes.

Options for Hard-to-Place Customers

Foremost offers coverage to customers who may be declined with other companies. For example, a customer with a trampoline or certain kinds of animals may not be eligible elsewhere, but Foremost will accept that business (exclusions or surcharge may apply).

Not all products, coverages or discounts available in all areas.

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